3 Simple Steps to Lose Weight Without Trying

In this article we will look at the fastest weight loss options and 3 simple steps to lose weight often without even trying. Without trying is relative since you will be changing things about your diet, so you will have to do something, but the effort is much less than many might think.

1. Stop Drinking Coffee and Soda: 

This alone can have you shedding pounds within a few days of being off of them. However, this is a difficult habit for many to break. People don't know that they are addicted to these substances. When removing them from your diet it is a good idea to start small and at first cut them down by 50% each day until they have been removed completely. 

It is normal to go through some withdrawal symptoms, but these should not last more than a few days and once through it you will feel better than you have in years. The amount of caffeine and sugar in these two products is staggering, the amount people consume even more so. Your bodies will be thanking you quite quickly with the reward of weight loss.

2. Remove Gluten and Dairy: 

These two foods are known to cause hidden allergies in many people. The problem is, most people aren't aware that the symptoms they feel, such as headache, brain fog, nasal congestion, fatigue, mood problems and more can be caused by having sensitivities to wheat and/or dairy. 

By removing these two possible offenders for a short period of time and then reintroducing them methodically back into your diet, you will not only lose weight, but you may uncover hidden problems that have been there forever.

3. Start Walking: 

Most people do not get enough exercise; some because they don't have the time, others because they think that aggressive workouts are necessary to lose weight and stay fit. The reality is however, simply walking for 30 minutes each day can have dramatic effects on your body, resulting in weight loss and improved mood and energy. The important thing is to get moving, walking briskly each day can often be all you need to improve brain function, organ function and many more subtle differences in how your whole body works.

This article discussed 3 fastest weight loss steps that can have you losing weight quickly and without much work. By removing coffee, soda, gluten and dairy from your diet you will be hitting a reset button for your body. The results will be fast weight reduction and an overall feeling that your body is working better. By walking everyday you will increase brain function, enjoy more weight loss, have increased energy, get better sleep and even have a happier mood.

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