Herbalife - A Brief View of the History

The history of Herbalife goes back to the year 1980 when it was founded by the late Mark Hughes who was an American businessman and the founder and CEO of Herbalife. As stated by him:
"Introducing balanced nutrition to millions of people in the world is a dream coming true for me"

He passed away in the year 2000, but the company he founded and the mission he started kept on changing lives of millions of people by helping them in weight management, skin treatments and in overcoming health problems. Herbalife also provides people with business opportunity to sell Herbalife skin care and weight management products around the globe. 

For more than 30 years, Herbalife has been serving people in more than 84 countries across the world but the base that was laid down by the founder and the first distributor (Mark Hughes), that is the spirit to bring good nutrition and unrivaled business opportunity to people is still standing tall. 

One milestone after the other, the history of Herbalife is adorned with stories of achievements and successes. Since the inception to the date, the company is expanding and reaching out to more and more people.

It is a fact that people all around the globe are facing all sorts of problems like health disorders because of various diseases, skin issues caused of infections and pollution, over weighted which is spreading across continents very rapidly and is considered to be one of the biggest problems man would have in future and also the financial issues that are faced by a large part of world's population.

 Herbalife started its distribution in 1980 in Los Angeles California, USA. Till the end of that decade the company had begun to influence lives of residents of dozens of countries. Each year that passed by in the history of Herbalife, more and more countries began to use the Herbalife products. Now this year in 2012, with the inclusion of Slovenia and Uruguay in the list, Herbalife is now providing its skin care, weight management and nutrition product to more than 84 countries worldwide.

The business model followed by Herbalife is multi-level marketing. The company does not only generate revenue by supplying its products but also from the commission that it receives from down the line distributors. These distributors get to sell Herbalife products in various countries and earn a living for themselves. 

Other milestones in the history of Herbalife are the awards that the company has been awarded with. In 2011, Herbalife was awarded "Best Brand of the Consumer" award in Korea. Before that, the CEMEFI award in 2010 in Mexico, 2010 Apple award, Seoul Social Welfare Contributor of the Year Award in 2010, 2010 Community Service and Corporate Social Responsibility Award and 2009 Supply Chain Distinction awards are all the bright badges Herbalife takes pride in.

Herbalife has provided business opportunity to more than 2.3 million independent distributors around the world in 75 countries. Currently, Herbalife is supporting the Herbalife Family Foundation and its CASA program to provide needy children with good nutrition. Herbalife also sponsors world class athletes and sports personalities in more than 15 sports. Seeing the great history of Herbalife, there is no second opinion in predicting that Herbalife has a bright future ahead.

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