The Subway Diet - Does it Really Work?

The Subway diet is a simple diet to follow.
Everyday you simply replace your lunch and dinner with a Subway meal listed below.

Lunch = One 6" Subway Sandwich, 1 bag of baked chips, and 1 zero calorie drink
Dinner = One 12" Footlong Subway Sandwich and 1 zero calorie drink.

In case you don't know what Subway is, it's a fast food sandwich chain. You won't find any deep fried foods here, the entire menu is gear towards more healthy food choices.
The diet consists of eating sandwiches made on fresh baked rolls. 

You will need to choose one of Subway's low fat sandwiches:

* Turkey Breast
* Chicken Breast
* Ham
* Roast Beef
* Veggie

You can order your sandwich with a bunch of different vegetables on it.

* Lettuce
* Tomatoes
* Cucumbers
* Onions
* Green Bell Pepper Slices
* Pepperonchini Peppers
* Jalapeno Pepper Rings
* Olives

Another great thing about Subway and The Subway Diet is you can also choose what type of bread you want your sandwich made on.

* Whole Wheat
* Italian
You can also choose your own condiments.
* Mustard
* Vinegar
* Salt & Pepper
Note: *Mayonnaise, oil and cheeses aren't allowed on this diet due to their high calories.

How does the Subway Diet work?

The diet is effective because you area actually consuming less calories, about a 1,000 calories consumed a day. The diet works because there is no measuring, no cooking, and all the guess work is taken out.

On the negative side, I would think the diet could get very boring. You can shake things up by switch your meats, breads, and vegetable choices around. You can also go really wild and have your sandwich toasted. Eating sandwich after sandwich could get old really quickly.

If you need help making smarter food choices then you should probably give the Subway Diet a try.

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