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Cravings occur. Some of the times they seem to pop out of nowhere. Some of the times they’re emotional. And some of the times they exist simply because I’m getting hungry! My feelings toward cravings have constantly been the same, regardless of the situation: I don’t like them!

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What we need is to seize a plan that will help in handling cravings the best way conceivable. In my experience, arriving at small shifts over time is simpler to adopt and is better than attempting to swap everything in one fell pounce.

I'm likewise sure that as I learn more, my fight plan might alter. The one I'll center on today is:

A select breakfast: The first step to combating cravings
Why breakfast? Breakfast presents the body fuel and keeps blood sugar levels steadier. I recognize that if I skip breakfast my blood glucose will crash about mid morning, and then I'll gorge myself silly come lunchtime.

Steadfast blood sugar levels means I'll keep away from "crashing" and subsequent gorging. It likewise means I'll feel a lot alerter and industrious, and I need this as I'm not a morning individual!
Not all breakfasts are the equivalent, though. A mocha café latte with whipped cream sounds like a savory breakfast, but it's not particularly healthy, nor would it carry me all morning! If I say a "select" breakfast, I'm referring to a breakfast with a little protein and complex carbohydrates.

Complex carbohydrates carry fiber and more nutrients than the complicated stuff. Again, my blood sugar will be a lot less fluctuating, and that means I keep away from the sugar crash.
Protein will hold my hunger at bay for a longer time period.
Now the hard part: integrating all of this into a breakfast I'll really eat!

Here are a few breakfast selections I've come up with that I know I would love:

 Rich fiber, protein whole grain cereal with skim milk or soya milk
 Whole meal toast with scrambled eggs (made with for the most part egg whites)
 Oatmeal with a bit of protein powder, walnuts, and skimmed milk added to it (add don't forget chopped apples and cinnamon!)
 Breakfast burrito - scrambled eggs, veggies, low fat cheese in a whole grain tortilla

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