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Many of sports enthusiasts are becoming interested in Cross Fit training nowadays. Actually, this training combines a lot of effective routines that enable one to create diversity in workout.

On the other hand, sports medicine experts consider this training as a balanced and holistic way of attaining fitness and health in just a short period of time. Like when gaining stamina, choose either to do swimming, biking and basketball several days in a week.

In doing so, a person is allowed to enjoy a variety of training which can be fun and exciting while getting the desired fitness goals.

Dating back in history, CrossFit Training was started by Greg Class, a high school gymnast who was along with his wife named Lauren Glassman. CrossFit became associated with the first gymnasium in 1995. In that same year, Santa Cruz police department hired Lauren Glassman to be able to train the troops. 

For seven consecutive weeks, the “Gagetown Infantry School” was focused in various tests in fitness categories that include strength, agility, stamina, flexibility, balance, accuracy, speed, power, coordination and respiratory endurance. With the many categories, CrossFit also scored the highest.

As a result, gym trainers became satisfied because of the workout results. Gymnasiums that are affiliated with CrossFit have grown swiftly. In 2005, there were only eighteen that rose to one thousand seven hundred gymnasiums in 2010. Weightlifting coaches like Louie Simmons, Mike Burgener and Bill Starr partnered with the CrossFit organization.

Cross Fit is a health program that is greatly designed to optimize and bring the body to it's peak  performance levels. Nevertheless, the nature of this training program is not involved with any of the risks. So far, the benefits of CrossFit training far outweigh the risks.  When done in limited time and in poor form, different CrossFit exercises might elevate the risk of injury if performed incorrectly. So, This should not be performed by people without getting proper supervision first.

CrossFit And Its Effect On The Body

   All of the parts of the human body are conditioned for them to function well. Through the exercise variations within CrossFit training, the body is allowed to develop various muscle groups. The focus is not only on a single group of muscles, but on all the body muscles as well. Shifting from a single activity to the next makes you exercise the various muscles group for a balanced training.

Crossfit exercises 

   may likely prevent boredom. One of the common problems in doing an exercise regimen is when you become bored. You suddenly become not interested in it that you usually end up quitting. Remember that in CrossFit training, one can choose from a wide range of exercises each day, thus making the training more interesting. With varied routines, you can look forward to a variety of workouts.

Crossfit training 

    has no fixed schedule, which makes it flexible. If circumstances have gone beyond your control, it may likely prevent you from the regular morning runs in the city park. There are still productive training that can be done like swimming in the morning or playing lawn tennis at night. The good thing about it is that you can adjust your training around anything you like.

So now that you have learnt a bit about what CrossFit training is, it's time we covered the history of this fitness phenomenon

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