7 Ways for You to Achieve Weight Loss Fast

7 Ways for You to Achieve Weight Loss Fast

There are a ton of diets you see popping up on the newsstands every week that claim to help you lose weight. See how the stars lose weight by...
X Do these diets help? They can for maybe 7 to 14 days. They also put your health at risk. What happens is that your body always gets tricked and you are going to want food more than ever.
The cravings will be huge after not eating. When you choose this type of diet, you will end up heavier than before the diet.
Let me show you seven ways to get that weight loss fast and stay healthy.

1. No more diet soft drinks. Drinking diet soda has been known to increase obesity. Sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame are used to sweeten diet soda. These artificial sweeteners don't allow your body to feel how much you have eaten. Without having that feeling that tells you you're full, you will eat more.

There is also a psychological component to diet soda in that you tell yourself you can eat more because you just had a "diet soda." You have good bacteria in your stomach that helps you digest things and these types of sweeteners can kill them off. Artificial sweeteners have been linked to tumors.
X 2. Choose something better to drink. You know that I'm going to say... water. Water is good for several reasons. Water fills you up and helps cleanse you, getting rid of that belly fat. Fitness expert and nutritionist Josh Benzoni recommends a zero calorie choice like Sobe Lifewater.
X 3. Stop drinking juice. Drinking fruit juice isn't the healthy choice you think it is. It can be a fast track to diabetes because of the natural sugar. It's not uncommon to find almost 40 grams of sugar in just 8 ounces in some juices.

4. Don't buy whole wheat. First, if you don't get 100% whole wheat, someone has just colored it to look like whole wheat. Sprouted grain breads, or even a sprouted grain tortilla, are a good switch.
X 5. Decrease your dairy. Packing in the dairy means packing on the pounds. Have you ever tried almond milk? You will get rid of some digestive problems, bloating, and cut your calories by a third.

6. My best recommendation to achieve fast weight loss is to eat food that doesn't come in a box. Healthy, whole foods will improve your overall health.

7. Eat six small meals throughout the day and include protein in each one. This will jump start your metabolism and it will start burning calories for you.

If you just follow my seven tips and you will be pleasantly surprised with how you will achieve weight loss fast. Good luck on your fat loss goals.

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