Weight Loss Programs That Work - The Diet Solution Program Review

The Diet Solution Program is one of the more popular weight loss programs currently available online.

The author of the The Diet Solution Program is Isabel De Los Rios. She stated that she has based her program on 15 years of personal study and nutritional research. Professionally she has 10 years experience as a nutrition and exercise specialist. As well as her professional skills she has her own personal experience dealing with weight and health related issues as well as her experience with her mother's severe diabetes.

In preparing the program she has used her practical knowledge from helping clients tackle weight issues and health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol. It appears that her hands on experience has been transferred to the sensible approach and practical advice she provides in her program.

This program appears to be low on hype and big on realistic advice and useful information.
The Program would be suitable for dieters who:

have struggled with their weight their whole life and need a program that will work longer term

have tried following nutrition plans that do not work

no longer want to follow programs that are extreme or make them feel terrible while losing weight

are looking for a balanced diet program which has a clear process to develop a personal diet plan

are looking for practical advice and information presented in a simple and easy to understand format

want to take control of their health and have a program that will help with health conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease.
As with any weight loss program you will still need to put in some effort, but Ms De Los Rios has done much of the hard work for you. She has provided four processes to make it easy:

Step by Step Action Plans so you know how to put her principles in place

Simple Recipes so you can make everyday meals that are tasty

Shopping Lists so you know what to get and food shopping is a breeze

Daily Meal Plans with the detail to make it easy for organising everyday

One of the great side effects the program claims is increased health and vitality. Through eating the right foods the benefits could include lower blood sugar levels, decreased cholesterol levels, increased energy, cleared skin conditions and improve digestive problems.

Most people do not have the time to undertake the reading or detailed research required to decipher the range of current nutritional information required for a balanced diet program. Ms De Los Rios has used her own personal and professional experiences to develop the program. Her apparent aim is to help you achieve your weight loss goals, and have a healthy body, without resorting to any extreme dieting methods. 

Her approach is not just to follow the main stream nutrition programs but she also provides you with clear facts about foods. She has the ability to put simply the truth about why some foods are bad for you and why some are good.

Ms De Los Rios has structured her program to teach you the nutritional and lifestyle principles to follow to reach your ideal weight. But better than this, her identified approach is also to teach you how to make following a healthy way of eating into your own lifestyle.

If you go to the site and do not want to go straight into the program then you can simply download the Starter Kit to get started. There are claims that some people have used the Starter Kit to lose 10 lbs in as little as 6 weeks. There is also information about the Program available in the FAQs.

It is stated that The Diet Solution Program is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee. The guarantee states that if you are not completely satisfied, you will receive your money back without any questions asked.

For the money, the Program with the meal plans, the shopping lists, the recipes, the bonuses, the 60 day guarantee, and based on Ms De Los Rios's personal and professional experience and expertise, must be one of the best deals in the weight loss industry.

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