Rapid Weight Loss - Getting Started

People might have been born on the heavier side, their genes have predetermined it. Or their extra love handles have been formed after years of mindless, uncontrolled eating. Or for some women, it is the inevitable consequence of child-bearing and child-rearing. But now that you have finally realized that living with those extra pounds are both unsightly and unhealthy, there are a number or rapid weight loss ideas that work.

Eat more vegetables and fruits (but avoid fruits high in sugar such as bananas and peaches). Pick greens which are high in fiber because fiber aids digestion. Also, start preparing your own meals at home. This way, you would know how big every serving is, and what exactly are the ingredients of your food. Ditch fast food altogether. Fast food is usually loaded with bad Trans fat that can clog your arteries over time. Another thing to ditch is soda. A 20-ounce soda can give you a total of 250-calorie intake.

Instead of gulping down these carbonated drinks, just increase you water intake. Always drink 8-to-10-glasses-a-day goal or more, if you can. Water cleanses the body, flushes out unneeded toxins and keeps digestive system to function properly. Snacks are as important. Green salads do not look harmful, but beware of the fatty dressing. Healthy snack options are yogurt, fruits like apple and berries, or wholegrain crackers. These foods can make you feel full with minimal calorie intake.

Moving your body around also helps in rapid weight loss. If your school or workplace is just around the street corner, you can walk. If it is a little bit farther, you can grab your bicycle and pedal your way to your destination. Also, keep away from lifts and elevators and start using the stairs. Doing some kind of cardio exercise every morning will help a lot, too. 

You can do some aerobics or use a treadmill if you happen to have one at home. Household tasks can also help you lose your pounds. Cleaning the house and the backyard sheds your unneeded weight by a few hundred calories. You can tend your garden, rake the leaves on the yard or cut the grass on the lawn manually. This might prove to be hard work, but any weight loss exercise is, right?

You can also choose to go to local saunas. Saunas usually last for 15 to 20 minutes every session, and you can shed up to 1/8 liters of sweat per session. However, this option is not recommended for people suffering from heart or blood pressure problems. 

Liposuction, or the surgery operation which removes fat from different parts of the body, is an extreme means for a rapid weight loss. Besides that, it could cost you a small fortune. Plus, it might present a trail of side effects after the operation, such as pain, bruising and scars. Also, if people who underwent liposuction did not take care of themselves properly after the operation, they can also suffer from post-operative weight gain.

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