Rapid Fat Loss - Is It Possible?

Looking for means to quickly remove your love handles and fit again in those beautiful pair of pants you used to wear can be very exhaustive and disappointing. 

Some have jumped from one diet fad to another in the hope of finding the right one which would fit their lifestyle. Many have already turned to believing in the 'truth' behind the supplements or diet pills as their last resort. However, rapid fat loss can simply revolve around food, physical activities, right attitude, and proper mindset.

Food. Of course we all love food. But when trying to lose weight, we should know what and what not to eat, but also when to eat.

First rule of thumb: 

do not skip breakfast, or any meal for that matter. Skipping meals means starving your body and it could lead to eating more than usual when you finally give in to hunger. Also, replace your three big meals with five to six smaller ones to help make you feel hungry less often. In addition, do not eat just anytime you want to. You should have a regular eating interval. You can schedule your food intake (meal-snack-meal-snack-meal) at three-hour intervals. This will help your body get used to receiving food only during scheduled times of the day. Chewing your food slowly can also help you achieve a rapid fat loss. 

By eating slowly, you can pay attention to how much food is actually in your plate, you can feel full after eating a smaller amount of food, and it also helps your system to digest food more efficiently. Ingesting lots and lots of water helps, too. Aside from washing toxins out and aiding in cleansing our body, drinking water before meal will make you feel full even before you start eating. Doing this can actually cut your food intake considerably.

Actual physical activities have been thrown out the window in this time of technological advancement. Most jobs revolve around computers, as such even play and leisure has been claimed by the world of game consoles and portable devices. But if you want to experience rapid fat loss, you should start getting your bum out of the chair and get moving. You can do some sports that require a total body workout. If you have a sport you have played before, perhaps it is high time to return to the field. Or you can pick up a new sport. There are a lot of sports to choose from: swimming, bicycling, hiking, even badminton. Or you can dance. Dancing is also an effective way to move your body and lose fat while having fun. 

There are also simpler activities that can help in losing extra weight. Simple everyday things such as taking the stairs, or walking to the corner store (or school or work, if they happen to be just a few blocks away from your home) would certainly help.

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