six tablespoons olive oil
one large white onion, peeled and sliced
Three quarters of cup cubed peeled potato
one cup cashews
one and half  cups water
one teaspoon smoked paprika
one teaspoon garlic granules
three tablespoons nutritional yeast
one tablespoon soy sauce or 1 tablespoon miso
one teaspoon mustard
Two teaspoons apple cider vinegar or 2 teaspoons lemon juice
black pepper
quarter cup breadcrumbs
Fourteen ounces dried macaroni noodles


heat 4 table spoon of the olive oil in a huge pot over a medium-low warmth. Add the onion to the pot and saute until the point when it begins to darker somewhat – around 10 minutes. Include the potato, cashews, water, smoked paprika, garlic granules, nourishing yeast, soy sauce/miso, and mustard to the pot. 

Convey to the come and swing down to stew – leave for 15 minutes with the goal that the potatoes and cashews can mollify. 

Pour the substance of the pot into the container of a fast blender alongside the apple juice vinegar and barrage until totally smooth, adding more water if necessary to get the correct sauce surface. Taste and season with salt and dark pepper. 

Cook the pasta in a huge pot of very much salted bubbling water as indicated by the bundle bearings. Deplete and restore the pasta to the pot. Pour the sauce in and blend together – taste again and include increasingly salt and pepper if necessary. Tip into a stove evidence serving dish. 

Preheat your stove barbecue to the most noteworthy setting. 

Hurl the breadcrumbs with the rest of the 2 tbsp of olive oil and a touch of salt. Sprinkle the breadcrumbs over the pasta. Place the pasta under the barbecue in the broiler and let it fresh up the breadcrumbs – this will just take two or three minutes so watch it cautiously. 

Serve promptly.

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