Choose your foods with care!

Choose your foods with care!
Choose your foods with care!

You are about to embark on a detox program to rid your body of toxins, so as far as possible, always, but always, choose organic produce that has been carefully grown and nurtured without using pesticides or any nasty chemicals. Otherwise, you are simply putting more toxins back in your body. 

Initially you may find this awkward, due to the expense involved, but you will be cutting down on expensive items such as meat and fish, so you will find that the shopping bill is not much higher than normal.

This is too important to mess up just for the sake of fruit or vegetables that may cost a couple of dollars more than standard produce. After all, aren’t you worth just that little bit extra? 

Before you start on the detox, make sure that you have lots of vegetables in and that during your detox you are able to source, fresh and organic vegetables with ease. Do not leave it until day 1 and then find that you have to spend most of the day trying to find vegetables and fruit that are pure enough for you to eat on your detox. Buy in some organic honey as well as some extra virgin olive oil (the purer the better).

If you do not eat meat or fish, then some of the recipes will not be suitable for you. But it is possible to simply substitute beans, barley, lentils, chickpeas or another source of your usual protein, whenever meat or chicken is specified. There are a few fish dishes and one or two with chicken, so the main bulk of the program is actually pretty meat free, so don’t be afraid, it can be undertaken by vegetarians as well as meat lovers. Vegans may find that it is not suitable due to the fact that honey, mustard and other non-vegan ingredients are used.

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