Importance of Milestones for Reaching Weight Loss Goals

Importance of Milestones for Reaching Weight Loss Goals

We set goals we would like to reach. Most of the time, we fail and we don't understand why. Goal setting is a miraculous thing, particularly when you're trying to lose weight, but often we set our goals too high and become frustrated when we don't see the results we desire. So how can we reach our overall goal without becoming frustrated and bored? Simple: Set smaller milestones.

Brick by Brick

You can't build a house without laying the first brick, so would you start your diet and exercise program with just one milestone? Weight loss isn't about one big milestone to reach, but a series of smaller milestones to build to your desired weight. First, set your overall goal; this will become the house you want to build. Then set smaller, more realistic goals as bricks to set. Each brick gets you closer to your complete house, as each smaller milestone gets your closer to your overall weight loss goal.


Just like your home or your car, your body and your weight loss program require constant maintenance. Weight loss is not a momentary thing, but a lifelong commitment to health. Like the metaphorical house that you are building, your body and your weight goals will need constant renovation to maintain its upkeep. A house will fall apart if not cared for, and the weight you lose will return if you do not properly care for and maintain your diet and exercise program. Once you have reached that overall goal, set another goal of continuous maintenance to ensure that the weight does not return. As with losing weight, set smaller milestones within the scope of your overall continuous maintenance milestone to help keep you motivated and focused.


Boredom and frustration are two of the biggest obstacles people have with their desire to lose weight, so when setting milestones, be sure to include healthy rewards in your program. Rewarding yourself keeps you motivated to continue forward with your goals. Play little mind games with yourself when it comes to your milestones. Tell yourself you will get a pair of shoes after you reach this one milestone, or set a goal like running in a 5K to prove to yourself you can do it. Adding rewards to your milestones can help keep motivation high and keep you on track.

However, we all get off track sometimes, and if you find you are having trouble jump starting your weight loss program or losing those last few pounds, why not add a natural weight loss supplement to your program? A natural weight loss supplement can help kick start your pound shedding and help you reach your first or last milestone!

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