What are toxins?

So what are these toxins?  Well basically toxins can be grouped into three different sections. There are exogenous toxins, endogenous toxins and finally auto genous toxins.

Exogenous toxins are ones that are created from outside, or things that we eat. They can be residue from herbicides that are sprayed onto vegetables or fruit, but they can also be stimulants, alcohol, caffeine, too much sugar or fat in the body, the build up that has been caused by breathing in fumes that are in the air if you live in a city or big town.

Endogenous toxins are more complex. These often are formed in the bowel and they are the residual waste that have been created after you have a virus or some kind of bacterial infection. So, you get an infection, you get ‘better’ and you think that life carries on as normal. Well deep in the heart of your bowel, lots of little toxins are left over from the infection and they just clog up the work that your bowel is trying to do! The only thing you can do to help your bowel is to get rid of ‘em.

Finally, the last group of toxins are the autogenous toxins.  These are all made by you yourself. Everyone has these. They are simply a way of the body dumping out some refuse, as a result of the natural metabolic process. So they are completely natural, but they can still act as a barrier to your body working as well as it could.

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