Liquid Diet Weight Loss - All You Need to Know

Liquid Diet Weight Loss - All You Need to Know

It can be safely said that the best way to slim down is to reduce the number of calories you intake every day. This simple rule can be interpreted in a number of ways. There are many types of nutrition plans based on it and some like the liquid diet are more drastic than others. You should definitely find out all about it before adopting it. You have to learn what to expect from the liquid diet weight loss.

As you can guess by the name this type of nutrition plan requires you to drink only fluids on all your meals. You must not eat anything. The drinks should contain sufficient amounts of all of the essential nutrients you need. So, you have to opt for protein shakes, fruit and vegetable juices as well as smoothies. Herbal teas are all recommended.

There are a number of important rules that you have to keep for effective and healthy liquid diet weight loss. It should last for a very short time preferably for not more than five days. Also, the drinks you consume should contain a sufficient amount of calories to sustain the normal functioning of the body. You really have to do some counting in order to guarantee your safety. It is essential for you to consume no less than 1200 calories a day. The third rule is also essential - you should not do any exercise when you are on this diet. In this way you can avoid side effects such as lack of energy, weakness and nausea.

Is the liquid diet weight loss sufficient? You will definitely shed a few pounds with this slimming program. You will also detoxify your body to a certain extent. However, you are highly likely to regain your former weight quite quickly after going back to your usual diet. This happens because the body wants to restore its normal functioning by processing the nutrients it needs more effectively.

The liquid diet weight loss is potentially dangerous even if you keep all the rules. You might weaken your heart if you have any cardiovascular problems. It is also possible for you to become anemic if you use this slimming method frequently.

Perhaps the greatest danger is that the bacteria providing for the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract might die out. In turn you will never have normal digestion again. This means that your entire body will be weakened and you will be more likely to suffer from a wide range of diseases.

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