Lose Weight With Active Calorie Foods

Losing weight requires a lot of hard work and dedication for most people.

Many individuals give up on diets because they feel hungry most of the time and are typically required to give up their favorite foods. Making lifestyle changes can help with the battle of weight loss and management. While counting calories is just one step to weight loss, choosing the type of calories is another excellent way to lose weight fast and keep it off.

Active calories help to increase the metabolism by requiring more energy to digest.

This is good news for people who love to eat and enjoy eating foods that are full of flavor.

Since active calorie foods take the body longer to digest, the body burns more calories and helps it stay full for a longer period of time. Combined with exercise, individuals who follow an active calorie diet can eat a variety of foods often and still lose weight fast. Even desserts can contain active calories so they can be eaten without any of the guilt. Actually you can enjoy them very much.

An active calorie diet should include an abundant amount of low-fat protein foods such as eggs, dairy products and lean meats. The leanest part of poultry is generally the white meat derived from the breast without the skin. Ground beef should be labeled as containing 90 percent or higher of lean meat. Leaner pork choices include tenderloin or loin chops.

Dairy, such as milk and cheese, can be consumed often but should be purchased and consumed in the low-fat versions.

Foods rich in fiber should also be consumed regularly while following an active calorie diet. Fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of fiber as well as whole wheat breads and beans. In addition, adding spices to a diet can help to burn a few extra calories due to a composite called capsaicin.

Hot sauce and crushed peppers can be added to many dishes but for those who cannot tolerate heat, spices such as cinnamon and garlic can be used as well.

Many of the processed foods contain non-active calories which can have a devastating effect on metabolism. They are easily digested and the body will most likely store them as fat. Foods in this category include highly processed meats such as packaged lunch meats and hot dogs, cookies, pastries, sodas and chips.

If you must eat processed food or fast food choose it wisely.

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