Losing Weight "The Smart Way"

These days the Internet seems to be swarmed by numerous fad diets. Celebrities are endorsing them, waif thin models go for them and even schoolgirls swear by them. Now you are more convinced than ever to try one yourself. 

There is no doubt that the fad diets help us lose weight overnight. So following a cabbage soup diet would help you lose five or more pounds in a week.

But is that all you are looking at?

Remember easily lost is easily gained and your weight loss goals should be practical to follow. It will be hard to find a person who will be willing to go on a cabbage diet all his life just to lose weight.

There are many disadvantage of following these diets. It has been shown that following a particular diet may offer instant solutions for the duration but once you stop the diet the lost weight returns with renewed vigor.

A weight loss program based on crash diets also takes toll on your metabolic system. Sudden fluctuations in the weight may trigger hormonal imbalances too.

On the contrary, you can lose weight with your current diet if you make a note of some essential points.

First: you don't need to cut out everything at once, you just need to begin by cutting down on the serving sizes.

Cutting down on your calorie intakes overnight will throw your body into a tizzy and it will have no option but to bring your metabolic rate to a screeching halt. This drop in metabolic rate will adversely effect your working potential.

Your body can be compared to a machine if you do not provide the fuel how is the machine going to start. All you need to do is to provide the body with the initial fuel to bring its metabolic system into action and then the body can feed on the reserved stores of fats.

Once you are set on your way to lesser portions, you need to constantly motivate yourself. And what can be a better way than a reward to rev up your determination.

The choice of reward also need some introspection, this reward has to be something uplifting and desired but at the same time it should not defeat the purpose for which it was awarded.

So, while a cheese cupcakes treat is inappropriate, sharing a single dessert with your partner might be more apt. Giving yourself a perfect relaxing break at the spa or sans kids trip to the mall for shopping might be excellent ideas. You may even want to treat yourself by watching your favorite movie at the theatre.


Your weight loss journey will turn smarter and less tedious if you follow the rules of small portions and frequent rewards. Your body deserves both of them and will thank you in ways you can't imagine.

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