Secrets About Liquid Diet Weight Loss

Secrets About Liquid Diet Weight Loss

Boost Your Metabolism with Green Tea
Green tea, when consumed clear with no added sugar, is calorie free, and is a healthy substitute for calorie-loaded lattes and cappuccinos. 

Starting your day off with hot green tea will rev up your metabolism, setting the pace for the rest of the day. Green tea contains catechins, the photochemicals responsible for stimulating the metabolism, helping you burn calories and fat without lifting a finger.


Water for All-Over Health
Water is crucial for proper bodily functioning. Drink water throughout the day for healthy skin, hair, joints, digestions, the list goes on. Water is also a great tool when it comes to weight loss as it is calorie free. There are many ways to get water into your diet, besides just turning on the tap. Try herbal unsweetened teas, unsweetened flavoured water, mineral water, cucumber, hot or cold water mixed with lemon juice. Even black unsweetened coffee, when consumed in moderation, counts towards your daily water intake.

Light Diet Shakes as a Meal Replacement

Diet shakes are not necessarily the best option for healthy weight loss, as some can contain excess sugar and offer no additional nutritional value. But for some, having a meal-replacement shake during the day is an easier way of dieting than changing unhealthy eating habits. So if it works you, choose lighter shakes that are high in fiber and low in sugar.

Choose Vegetable Juice Over Fruit Juice
Vegetable juice, especially the homemade variety, contains just as many nutrients and minerals as fruit juice, but at a fraction of the amount of sugar and calories. When choosing store-bought vegetable juice, go for reduced sodium varieties. And if you can, juice your own at home.

Detoxifying Smoothies Cleanse the Body

Smoothies in general are not a safe bet if you are trying to lose weight. Many contain hidden landmines like ice cream, frozen yogurt, syrups, sugar, and creams. However, natural detoxifying smoothies can be simple and healthy, with only a few natural ingredients. They can also work wonders for your digestive system, cleansing out the body. One tip is to have a detoxifying smoothie for your meal, not as an accompaniment to it.

Drinks To Avoid

Stay away from calorie-loaded drinks like sodas and pop, fancy coffee drinks, energy drinks, sugary fruit juices, and of course alcohol. These drinks are high in calories, but they do not leave the body feeling full, so you are still likely to eat a big meal afterwards. For the most part, these drinks are also loaded in sugar, fat, and offer very little nutritional value.


One general tip for maintaining a healthy weight or shed the pounds is to be very cautious of what you are drinking. Do not drink your calories. Beverages will not suppress your appetite or make you feel full, and therefore you are not likely to compensate for those extra calories by eating less. Choose calorie free drinks whenever possible, have your coffee and tea with no added sugar or dairy, and avoid the high-cal landmines whenever possible.

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