The Cabbage Soup Diet Review - Help Me Lose Weight Quickly

The Cabbage Soup Diet has been around for many many years. Originally authored by an unknown individual, but it serves as a beginning point as this is one of the few diets that has stood the test of time. The Cabbage Soup diet is designed to be used for a one week period, then if more weight loss is desired, then to be cycled back into after a period of normal eating.

The key of the diet is, well, cabbage soup. The idea is that whenever you are hungry, if you eat the cabbage soup recipe, you will be satisfied for the week long dieting period and still be able to lose weight efficiently. 

Now, I won't go into details of the cabbage soup recipe itself, but if you search for it, you'll easily be able to find it. The diet itself forces the dieter to maintain a caloric intake of approximately 800-1,200 calories a day, well below the recommended amount. 

Now there is more than just the cabbage soup in this diet, but the food list is very restrictive and does not offer the body the nutrients it needs. This being said, the Cabbage Soup Diet is more of a modified fast than anything, resulting in extreme weight loss in the week long period.

The problems lie in the calories consumed. It is true that if you're only eating 800-1,200 calories in a single day, you will undoubtedly lose weight quickly, but that weight lost will have it's consequences. 

First and foremost, most of the weight you will lose will be water weight. Flushing your system with increased amounts of water and the soup itself will cause you to lose a lot your water weight rather than actual fat loss. 

Secondly, eating such a diet causes malnutrition, so if you are thinking about using this diet as a short-term result, I highly advise you take a good multivitamin with it, to ensure your body is getting what it needs to function properly. 

 Lastly, eating that low amount of calories will cause your body's metabolism to slow down, and enter what many call "starvation mode" which is when the body is running off the minimum amounts of fuel it needs in order to preserve itself.

In conclusion, the Cabbage Soup Diet may very well tip the scales in your favor after that week, but once you return to your normal eating habits, the weight you worked so hard to lose is staring you right back in the face, something no one wants to see. 

I personally would not recommend this diet as it does not provide what the body needs, and it will cause despair in dieters when they gain the weight right back. If you are going to be attempting this diet, please consult your doctor before beginning the Cabbage Soup Diet or any other diet. This review, nor any other review should take place of seeking counsel with your physician.

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