The Fastest Way to Lose Weight - Your 3-Point Plan

Today I am going to discuss a simple 3-point plan for busting fat and keeping if off. Let's get in-depth with this plan and let me give you some solid pointers.

The Exercise Front
You need to work some exercise into your routine. Without it, there's no way to lose weight. It gets your body's metabolism working the way it should work.

I already recommended cardio, but here's an even better option - interval training. Maybe you've heard about it. Interval training means doing short sets of intense workout followed by sets of rest.

A simple example would be running hard for two minutes, and then bringing it down to a slow walk for a couple of minutes. The key is that you keep repeating these intervals. They give your body a chance to recuperate and interval training is great for making your metabolism as efficient as possible.

In fact, interval training is the big 'secret' in many of the weight loss products you see on the market today.

Whatever you do for exercise, start slow and easy. Make it regular and keep it consistent. Working yourself hard doesn't necessarily get results.

The Diet Front

I covered the foods you should eat and avoid last time, so I won't go into all of that again. But a huge part of dieting isn't what you eat; it's how you feel and how you think about it. The dieting mindset is all-important.

Dieting isn't easy for anybody, so you need to keep reminding yourself of your goal. Imagine how you'll look and feel months from now when you've slimmed down and keep that image with you. Use it for inspiration when you need it.

It's also important to get support. If there are negative people around you they can really poison you with their attitudes. Put them in their place and avoid them if possible. Surround yourself with a support network instead.

Here's something that will help. When you start seeing results and feeling better, you'll feel so wonderful you'll never want to go back to the way you were. Everybody I know experiences this. They don't want to exercise, but when they first start doing it, they feel better immediately and can't stop. The same will happen for you.

The Lifestyle Front

As far as your lifestyle goes, the most important thing is to tackle your stress and deal with it effectively. Stress, anger, frustration, and negative feelings about yourself all lead to overeating. Eating provides a relief from all of that.

Learning a few simple stress techniques really helps. There are all kinds of techniques out there like meditation or creative visualization, but for me the simplest solution is the best. I recommend deep breathing.

Deep breathing means just learning to breathe slowly and naturally. Sit somewhere comfortable and draw air into your belly. Imagine you're filling a deep balloon. Then, let it drift out naturally. At first, you'll be forcing it but with a little practice it'll get smooth and natural. You'll feel better immediately.

Set aside some time to practice deep breathing each day. You'll feel a little less stressed. But even better, when you learn how to do it effectively, you can do it whenever you need it. When somebody ticks you off, stop and breathe. It's a much better way of dealing with stress than to beat up on yourself and start hogging.

Overall, keep things positive. Don't make things harder for yourself with negativity. Focus on the New You that's waiting and the progress you've made so far.

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