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I have been inspired to write this short article following an email I received from one of my clients saying their next goal was to have the "wow" factor of my own before and after pictures, in particular "that green dress".


This comment transported me back into the moment when I purchased that dress!! At the time I worked in an office & every November our company had a table at a black tie event & every year I was asked & every year I found an excuse not to go. 

You see I was fat, I had bingo wings, several spare tyres, back cleavage, thunder thighs & cankles. Not the kind of body that would fit nicely into an evening dress, in fact it did not fit nicely into any clothes!!

So when asked if I wanted to attend in November 2009 I accepted as several months before I had reached my weight loss target of 5 stones. However, in my head I was still the fat girl wearing clothes that were too big, covering my body up. 

I saw this as a challenge to step out of my comfort bubble as I hated clothes shopping & going out. I just did not have the confidence to walk into the changing room with the dreaded 3 way mirrors. But I had accepted the invitation this year and needed to get a dress to wear. Panic set in as the event got closer and I had to venture into the world of retail therapy!! This was going to be Pamela Therapy, but nothing could have prepared me for what lay ahead... Feeling particular brave one lunchtime I ventured into John Lewis and had a look around. As soon as I clapped eyes on this dress I knew it was for me... now what size would I need?? 

To cover all situations I picked up a 16, 14 & 12. Having made it into the changing rooms my next problem was what size to try on first? I opted for the 14, thinking I will be delighted if this fits... it did but looked rather baggy, at this point I could feel butterflies in my tummy... was the size 12 going to fit me, would it be to tight, would I look ok?? All the questions flying around my head. 

And the answer was Yes, the 12 fitted but again it was rather baggy... ok what was I going to do now!! I called on the assistant and asked if she could get me a 10. Was I dreaming, had I just said a size 10? At this moment I cannot explain the emotion that I could feel bubbling up inside me. 

As I tried on that size 10 I knew it was going to be a perfect fit & it was. I stood looking at myself in the mirror with tears streaming down my face. 

I had finally said good bye to the fat girl who had held me back in so many aspects of my life... I looked great, felt amazing and I was standing wearing a size 10... this was the day that I had dreamed of as I started on my weight loss journey, that feel was priceless!

From that day I knew I wanted to help everyone experience "that moment" so fast forward a few years and I am now a qualified trainer, specialising in fat loss and helping women regain their bodies & their confidence to be fabulous. 

You see everyone deserves their moment when they are set free and for me this is priceless!

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